Dying Light 2 Plays In The Sandbox To Make A Better Sequel

As a lover of all things undead, I rank 2015’s Dying Light in the upper tier of zombie sagas. It built on the RPG-lite framework of Techland’s previous effort, Dead Island, with better writing and the exciting new element of parkour. Thus, 2018’s reveal of Dying Light 2 was a big deal for me, but the years since have seen the game’s prospects take blow after blow due to in-house controversies and several delays.

Now the team at Techland has only a final few short months before the sequel’s February 4 release date, but this one just might stick the landing. I was able to check out a portion of the game spanning four hands-on hours in two regions and across two platforms, and while I have questions still to answer on my own time, I’m left feeling fairly confident that this will be a better game than the great original, even as many of its new toys come from other open-world games.

“We’re 30 centimeters above the pavement,” lead game designer Tymon Smektala told me in between my extended sessions with the sequel. He explained this meant, according to the Polish rapper he was quoting, that the end is in sight. “There’s always a point during the production of a game that, at one point, it clicks together. And you say okay, so this is what you’re making. And this happened to us, I would say half a year ago, when it all started making sense.”

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Author: Mark Delaney