Top 10 On Netflix Today: Red Notice, Love Hard, And Big Mouth

Netflix is undoubtably the most-popular streaming service on the market. As of October, Netflix has over 213 million paid subscribers. But what is everyone watching? Luckily, the company keeps track of what’s popular on the app and updates it daily. You can check out daily updates for the top 10 on Netflix below. Here’s what’s trending.

The star-studded action heist movie Red Notice landed on Netflix late last week, and it has taken the top spot to kick off Monday. The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, and Gal Gadot in a movie about stealing fancy ancient eggs covered in gold and jewels.

In GameSpot’s review of Red Notice, Mat Elfring wrote, “Red Notice is what it is: a popcorn movie that will entertain the heck out of you and mainstream audiences will eat up. Sure, it’s very derivative, predictable, and silly, but that’s what we need.”

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Author: Mat Elfring