Daniel Henney Wanted To Play Wheel Of Time’s Lan Mandragoran For Over A Decade

Amazon’s Wheel of Time series will be here later this month, and fans can finally see some of their favorite characters come to life for the very first time, one of which is al’Lan Mandragoran, known simply as Lan, played by actor Daniel Henney.

Lan’s backstory is one entrenched in tragedy. He is not only the last surviving member of a royal bloodline, but as the last survivor of an entire nation. When we’re first introduced to Lan in the series, we know him as Moiraine’s Warder (think magically-enhanced bodyguard). Down the line, Lan evolves into one of the most important characters in the series and someone Henney had been longing to play for a decade.

“I do this vision board thing, where I think about something I want to do career-wise or a goal. So about 2011, not really knowing about the books, I saved a picture of a cover of The Eye of the World on my phone,” Henney said. “I saw Lan on his horse and Moiraine next to him, and I wanted to play a character like that someday.” He added that it was a no-brainer when the call came.

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Author: Lan Pitts