Xbox Creator Shares A Nice Message Ahead Of 20th Anniversary Thanking Fans For Their Support

Seamus Blackley, the father of the Xbox who is now better known for baking ancient bread, has shared a message ahead of the 20th anniversary of Xbox.

Posting on Twitter, Blackley said said the team who helped design and release the Xbox only are owed about 40% of the credit for the success of the console. “The real people who made Xbox successful are gamers and fans. You guys, ” Blackley said. “Without the support of the people who took the risk to buy the thing, it never could have succeeded.”

“And buying an Xbox and being an Xbox fan–convincing your mom, your boyfriend, your girlfriend that it was OK to have an Xbox, to have a console from the company that made Excel, was a big deal,” he added. “Especially in 2000. It wasn’t obvious. It was something, you know, that took some intestinal fortitude to be an Xbox fan. And I really appreciate that. The credit is yours. So thank you.”

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Author: Eddie Makuch