Gotham Knights Trailer Brings The Court Of Owls Out Of The Shadows

At the DC FanDome event, WB Montreal and DC Comics showed off a new trailer for Gotham Knights, the upcoming co-op action game set in the Batman universe. The trailer focuses on story and continues to set up the game’s main antagonists: the Court of Owls.

In an unexpected twist, however, this time it isn’t the voice of a young girl, unsettlingly reciting the terrifying legend of the Court of Owls and their murderous assassin, the Talon. Instead, it is Oswald ‘The Penguin’ Cobblepot, one of Batman’s primary villains, warning Nightwing that the Court of Owls isn’t a myth and that pursuing them is something that he won’t be able to come back from.

Of course, Nightwing isn’t alone in seeking out the Court of Owls, as Gotham Knights allows players to take on the mantle of various members of the Bat-family. In the trailer, an ornate gate with the sigil of the Court of Owls is shown opening, and figures wearing menacing owl masks walk out from the shadows and into the light. Nightwing can be seen skulking around a dark and decrepit cathedral-like structure; Robin picks up a rusty key with an owl on it; Batgirl explores what looks to be a cave while, just out of view, a figure scurries by above her; and Red Hood, meanwhile, is shown being caught in a trap and caged.

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Author: Tamoor Hussain