This Week In Red Dead Online, It’s Time To Plan A Jewel Heist

This week in Red Dead Online, players who successfully steal the yellow Il Sovrano gemstone will be rewarded with double RDO$ and XP. Rockstar is also adding bonuses to a number of other missions, including Blood Money opportunities and Call to Arms missions, as written in its latest Newswire update.

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The Il Sovrano heist, which was added as part of the Blood Money update, costs between 15 and 25 Capitale to begin, depending on what difficulty you want to undertake. As in previous weeks, Rockstar is giving players a chance to earn extra Capitale if they’re fresh out, with Call to Arms missions rewarding a one-time bonus of Capitale when players survive to certain rounds–5 Capitale for making it to Wave 3, another 5 for surviving to Wave 7, and an extra 10 for reaching Wave 10. Players will also get a bonus 3000 Club XP when they team up with a persistent posse to take on Call to Arms.

Players with a persistent posse will also get rewarded for completing any Blood Money opportunity this week, unlocking a reward for a free ability card and 30% off any weapon. There’s a few freebies in the mix too, with 100 rounds of high velocity rifle and revolver ammo being given out to every player who logs into the game this week.

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Author: Hayley Williams