How different is Amazon’s Halo View from the Fitbit Charge 5?

Amazon’s Halo View fitness tracker looks strikingly similar to the Fitbit Charge 5. | Amazon

If recent headlines were any indication, Amazon’s fall hardware event was all about Amazon’s forthcoming home robot, Astro, and its new home surveillance drone. Buried in the deluge of announcements, however, was the Halo View, an $80 fitness tracker that bears a striking resemblance to the recently released Fitbit Charge 5. The similarities become even more pronounced when you consider the View’s new display and its ability to track your heart rate and sleep quality. In many respects, it seems as if Amazon created a Fitbit Charge 5-like wearable at a price point that makes it far more accessible. Or did it?

We analyzed the two to find out. We have yet to test the Halo View, however, so note that the comparison below is based on the…

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Author: Sheena Vasani