Playing Back 4 Blood Solo Means Missing Out On Rewards, Achievements

Back 4 Blood is a social game, and developer Turtle Rock Studios doesn’t want players to forget that. While playing through a campaign match with others will let players earn supply points, which can be used to purchase cards and cosmetics, the game’s solo mode totally cuts players off from all rewards.

The first time players try to pick out what zombie-slaying experience they want in the game’s hub area, Fort Hope, they’re greeted with three options. Campaign puts players into a match with anyone in their party or random players, and Swarm mode is the game’s take on Left 4 Dead PvP. Solo Campaign is about as straightforward as it gets, letting players tackle Back 4 Blood’s four-act campaign without anyone to help save for bots.

Anyone looking for some zombie-slaying alone time will have to do it knowing they won’t be getting any rewards for their hard, blood-soaked work. A screen that pops up as soon as players choose Solo Campaign details everything they won’t earn by progressing through the game this way. While maps and objectives are adjusted for one player, Solo Campaign won’t grant players any Supply Points or progress towards accomplishments and achievements.

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Author: Otto Kratky