American Horror Story’s Leslie Grossman On What Makes Double Feature Authentic

As American Horror Story digs deeper into the second half of “Double Feature”–a time-jumping alien tale set both in the ’50s and present-day–one of the show’s stars is reflecting not only on her major role in the first half of the season, “Red Tide,” but how that character compares to who she’s playing in the extra-terrestrial tinged “Death Valley.”

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Season 10 of American Horror Story.

Speaking to GameSpot, Leslie Grossman (Ursula in “Red Tide” and Calico in “Death Valley”) admitted that this particular season was quite different from others because the pandemic led to a longer preparation process. “Every time we start a new season, we don’t necessarily have all the scripts,” she explained. “So because of the pandemic, they had time to really write and bank some scripts. So I got to read the first few and see where it was going.”

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Author: Chris E. Hayner