Bungie Previews Destiny 2 Update 3.3.1, Which Tweaks Grandmaster Nightfalls And Cross-Play UI

Destiny 2‘s next seasonal event, Festival of the Lost, is coming next week, and a new patch is launching alongside it. In its weekly update, Bungie gave a preview of Update 3.3.1, which includes some tweaks and improvements to Grandmaster Nightfalls, The Corrupted Strike, and the cross-play user experience.

First up, Platinum Grandmaster Nightfalls are getting guaranteed Adept Nightfall weapon drops. This means that, if you and your fireteam can make it through these extremely challenging Strikes, you are certain to earn one of the special weapon variants that come with a special look and stats. Bungie notes that this does not guarantee the best stat combo, though, so true min/max players may still have to run the Strikes multiple times to get their preferred rolls.

The Corrupted Strike is also receiving some improvements to tone down certain overly punishing encounters. The Sedia’s Durance modifier has, in the past, caused a lot of frustration, as it boosts incoming damage and knockback from Arc sources. Following this update, it’ll get reduced from +40% knockback to +20%. In addition, the patch fixes an issue where an Unstoppable Champion could spawn in a location that was easily missable, potentially ruining Platinum Grandmaster runs. Bungie will remove this champion altogether.

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Author: Alex Newhouse