New World Has A Very Funny Lore Reason For The Lack Of Mounts

Amazon’s popular new MMO New World is off to a good start and players are seeming to enjoy their experience in the game, but it’s missing one feature that’s common in similar titles: mounts. Why are there no mounts? According to the game’s lore, there was a time in the “Old World” of Aeternum’s history when people rode animals to get from place to place but this led to many injuries. As such, doctors now recommend against riding animals, and as such, the game doesn’t let you.

There is a note in the game called “The Animals Revolt,” and it’s written by “your friendly local doctor.” The message states (via PC Gamer):

“After a recent spate of back injuries, the doctors of Aeternum feel compelled to issue this warning to anyone who transports goods between settlements:

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Author: Eddie Makuch