Fourteen Terrible Ways to Die in Minecraft

In Minecraft, few things are certain apart from death and the respawn screen that follows. There are so many varied ways to die, each with their own particular frustrations. From explosions to fire, here are all the most common ways to die–from the frustrating to the truly silly.

Falling From A High Place

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Death by falling is preventable; you can avoid high places to minimize your fall damage, and if you need to skirt a cliff or high spot, you can crouch so that you don’t walk off of a ledge. It’s also possible to enchant boots with Feather Falling to ease the damage that comes from the fall. With that said, you will fall to your death at some point. Whether it happens in a cave you’re exploring or because you decided to build a treehouse, height is one of the greatest dangers in all of Minecraft, and it is especially frustrating because often, the only person you can blame for your death is yourself. Unless you haven’t slept in a few days and a Phantom bumps you off. Oops. At least when you fall in the Overworld, you can get your stuff back if you can find the spot where your corpse smacked into the ground.

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Author: Eric Frederiksen