Windows Store To Add Third-Party Storefronts, Including Amazon And Epic Games Store

Microsoft is allowing third-party store apps, like the Epic Games Store, to be available on the Windows Store. This change will allow other storefronts to have their apps available to find and download directly from the Microsoft Store instead of needing to be downloaded from the web.

As reported by The Verge, Microsoft is allowing other storefronts to have discoverable app pages in the Windows Store within the next few months. This is part of a planned overhaul for the Microsoft Store on Windows 11 and later on Windows 10.

“Just like any other app, third-party storefront apps will have a product detail page–which can be found via search or by browsing–so that users can easily find and install it with the same confidence as any other app in the Microsoft Store on Windows,” Microsoft Store general manager Giorgio Sardo said.

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Author: James Carr