How To Add Friends On Nintendo Switch

Friends make any game better, and with Nintendo’s best Switch games often having a strong multiplayer component, it’s only natural for people to want to party up on that console. The Switch has a somewhat complex method for allowing you to expand your roster of friends, requiring people to hand out strings of code to friends if they want to add them to their social list. The system is more closed off than its competitors in this regard, most likely because Nintendo offers kid-friendly platforms. Even if it is a bizarre method, it’s still worth adding as many friends as possible to your Nintendo profile.

Here’s how you can expand your group more easily.

Find your Friend code

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It’s worth noting that once you’ve added a friend using their Friend Code, it’ll be a done-in-one deal that makes it easy to check up on what your comrades have been up to. To hand out your own 12-digit code, simply go to your Switch main menu and select your avatar in the left-hand corner at the top. On your profile page, your friend code can be found next to your Mii profile image.

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys