Frustrated CoD: Warzone Players Are Asking Developers For A Quitter Penalty

Call of Duty: Warzone is already a frustrating experience with so many cheaters, but players are also fed up with teammates who quit matches early. Warzone duos, trios, or quads matches with random players can quickly devolve into a solo experience, and players are asking developer Raven Software to add a penalty for those quitters.

Warzone player Binarycold’s Reddit post about frustration with random quitters sparked quite a conversation, as many other players left comments of similar frustrations. Random players don’t often stick around and spectate the match long enough to give their teammates a chance to bring them back.

Warzone’s standard battle royale mode offers three different ways for players to rejoin the match. Players can fight for a second chance in Verdansk with the Gulag, where “dead” players go to face off in a 1v1 match to see who will earn the opportunity to drop back into the fight. There are also Buy Stations that allow teammates to revive their fallen squadmates for $4,500. Lastly, there’s even a chance of a random Warzone event called a Jailbreak that returns all spectating players back to the match.

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Author: S.E. Doster