Halo Infinite Beta: The Bones Are Good

Halo Infinite‘s first multiplayer beta, which used bots, was an important first step, but this past weekend’s full-blown test of 4v4 Arena Slayer with actual PvP combat was the game’s first true test–and it passed with flying colors. After playing in nearly every session this weekend, I found Halo Infinite to be the return to form that I had been hoping to see after I was left disappointed by Halo 5 (and Halo 4, for that matter). That being said, I still have some concerns and reservations about the offering ahead of its launch in December.

The Bones Are Good

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is in very good shape, with all of the important bases covered. After adopting the series from Bungie, 343 had the very difficult task of taking ownership of what is known as one of the best FPS experiences ever (on console, at least) and not only keeping that intact, but pushing the formula forward. 343 has succeeded, for the most part, in this respect with Halo Infinite.

The gunplay has that classic, Halo 3-like “weight,” and it just simply feels good to snap off some precise rounds with the new Battle Rifle or to control the spray of the AR as you face an oncoming enemy. The Halo “combat dance” is intact in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, to be sure. The time-to-kill is long enough that you have a second chance to survive a firefight even if you get into it at a disadvantage (and this is aided even more so by new abilities like the Grappleshot, which I’ll get to later). Halo has always been an FPS that emphasizes skill and strategy, and this ethos is brought forward in Halo Infinite, for sure.

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Author: Eddie Makuch