Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Corrupt Taro Boss Guide – Best Tips And Tricks

When you finally confront Taro’s spirit in Kena: Bridge of Spirits, you’ll discover that the trauma of injuring himself, losing track of his younger siblings, and becoming lost in the Forgotten Woods has transformed him into Corrupt Taro, an aggressive werewolf-like beast with a glowing sword. This is Bridge of Spirits’ first significant difficulty spike–prepare yourself for a fight that’s a lot more challenging than anything you’ve faced up to this point.

Like most boss fights in Bridge of Spirits, Corrupt Taro has two phases–the battle will go into the second phase when you reduce Taro’s health to roughly half. The boss fight takes place in a fairly circular arena, with two of the healing flowers located on the outer edges, opposite each other. That means you’ll only be able to heal twice for the entire fight. Ideally, you’ll want both flowers for Phase 2 (especially on the harder difficulty modes), so try to beat the boss’ first phase without getting hit too much so you don’t have to heal.

Abilities You Should Unlock Beforehand: Sprint Attack Heavy, Perfect Charge, Parry Counter, Parry Courage, Focus, Rot Hammer, Enter the Fray

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Author: Jordan Ramée