Latest GTA Online Update Pushes Players Onto Bikes Of All Sizes

The leaves are changing, temperatures are cooling down, and in Los Santos, it’s time for players to hop on their bikes in GTA Online. Whether it’s a BMX bike ride through the city or high-speed sport bike races, four-wheel vehicle averse players can earn some more cash this week by taking part in a suite of activities. Sadly, this week’s focus on bikes also means players won’t be getting a new car to pick up either.

This week’s GTA Online update was shared via the Rockstar Newswire, which we’ve detailed down below.

Cruise around or break the speed limit

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Bikers of all stripes will have plenty of opportunities to earn some extra cash this week. Casual bikers can participate in the Hasta La Vista Adversary mode, where a truck tries to trample down city cyclists, for three times the cash and XP. On the other end of the spectrum, all bike races are paying out twice the cash and XP, regardless of how players place.

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Author: Otto Kratky