Raiden, A Whale, And An Anus: Kojima Discusses How Metal Gear Was Influenced By Pinocchio

Legendary game designer and writer Hideo Kojima has discussed how he was influenced by the story of Pinocchio, and it includes Raiden, a huge whale, and an anus.

Posting on Twitter, Kojima said that like film directors Matteo Garrone, Guillermo del Toro, and Robert Zemeckis–all of whom made or are currently making Pinocchio movies–he, too, has been influenced by the story of the wooden boy who comes to life. The Metal Gear character Raiden, like Pinocchio, gets eaten by a whale–but survives. Well, you just have to hear how Kojima puts it all together.

“Raiden, swallowed by the huge white whale of the information society, is digested in his stomach and vomited out through the anus!” Kojima said. “After that, his puppet of information control cuts the strings and starts walking on his own legs. That’s MGS2.”

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Author: Eddie Makuch