Tales of Arise Beginner’s Guide – Everything You Need To Know

So you’ve begun your journey into Tales of Arise. Liberating the Dahnan people is no small task, and your success will depend entirely on how well you can navigate the game’s world and combat. But fear not, brave freedom fighter–we’ve assembled a list of tips to help you hone your skills for the starting hours of your long journey.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the Tales series or a seasoned veteran, this advice will help you start off your adventure on the right foot. Don’t forget to also check out our Tales of Arise review while you’re at it.

Hoarding Is Good, Actually

As you wander around the fields and caverns that make up the world of Tales of Arise, you’ll undoubtedly see lots of collectibles, indicated by shining sparkles, purple rock formations, or treasure chests of varying forms. Is it worth your time to go off-path to grab these items? The answer is almost always yes, absolutely!

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Author: Heidi Kemps