Life Is Strange: True Colors Chapter 2 Guide – Eleanor’s Fear Puzzle, Forgiving Ryan

In Chapter 2, Life is Strange: True Colors begins introducing puzzles that Alex will have to navigate to help the residents of Haven. The heavy-hitting ones are mandatory, though there are a few optional ones as well. Below, we go over all the major choices you’ll get to make in True Colors Chapter 2: Lanterns.

Quick note: Chapter 2 is when True Colors really opens up, allowing you to freely explore Haven and pursue tasks in whatever order you want. Alex will usually comment when she hits points of no return–in the case of Chapter 2, first telling Jed she’s done with work and then confronting Mac–so make sure that you’ve done everything you can before those moments.

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Did Gabe Make The Call? [Mandatory]

At Gabe’s wake, Ryan will confront Mac, angrily accusing him of ignoring Gabe’s call to halt the scheduled detonation in the mine. To this, Mac will say he got no such call and Gabe must have made a mistake. Ryan will then turn to you for validation, asking you to support his claim since you heard Gabe make the call.

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Author: Jordan Ramée