Become A Better Poker Player With This Training Package

The history of poker is nebulous. Nobody seems to know exactly when the game started being played in America, but what isn’t in question is the rapid ascent of poker that has seen it become one of the most popular card games, whether you’re gambling with real money or fake chips. Nowadays you can find a game, in person or online, anywhere, with a vast variety of different skill levels and stakes.

If you want to become a high-level poker player, The Ultimate Poker Pro Blueprint Mastery Bundle from Alton Hardin is a great choice. Valued at $2,200, it’s on sale now for just $21.

Featuring classes inspired by Amazon’s #1 bestselling poker book and led by a pro poker coach, this bundle deals with the essentials of poker all the way up to the tiniest details that will give you an edge over your opponents. Plus, you’ll learn about the different types of games you’ll be playing as you make further progress as a player, such as Zoom games, micro-stake multi-table tournaments, and 30nl cash games. With 11 different mastery courses included, you can take serious strides toward becoming a positive cash flow poker player, and maybe one day reaching a professional level. While you may not get to the level of Daniel Negreanu, you’ll be able to improve your skills.

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