Texas passes law that bans kicking people off social media based on ‘viewpoint’

Texas Governor Abbott Signs ERCOT Reforms Legislation Into Law
Photo by Montinique Monroe/Getty Images

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed a bill regulating how social media companies moderate content.

The new law, passed as HB 20 in early September, controversially prohibits banning (or demonetizing or otherwise restricting) content based on “the viewpoint of the user or another person,” whether or not that viewpoint is expressed on the social media platform itself.

HB 20 also requires social media services to disclose how they promote and moderate content and mandates transparency reports similar to those produced by Facebook, Google, and other major web companies. If platforms are notified of illegal content, the law requires them to evaluate it within 48 hours, a policy that mirrors at least one proposal in US Congress. (Unlike…

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Author: Adi Robertson