Star Citizen Developer Gets In Trouble For Selling Ship Concepts

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has taken Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games to task for advertising ships for sale that aren’t playable or even viewable in game. ASA has asked Cloud Imperium to clarify what players are actually purchasing when they advertise for so-called “concept ships,” Eurogamer reports.

The offending advertisement was reported to the ASA by Redditor Mazty, who posted a screenshot of the email in question and details of the complaint to Reddit. The email urges players to pledge for the Gatac Manufature Railen ship before it leaves the pledge store, making no note that the ship doesn’t currently exist other than calling it an “alien concept ship.”

Since the ASA confirmed that the email went against the UK’s Advertising Code of Practice, Cloud Imperium has added a new disclaimer to emails advertising pledge ships, reading in full:

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Author: Hayley Williams