Review Roundup For WarioWare: Get It Together!–What Critics Are Saying

WarioWare: Get It Together! is the latest game in the Wario-led microgame franchise, which releases on September 10 for the Nintendo Switch. The newest game introduces a handful of recurring playable characters for its platforming-led take on the franchise’s classic format, meaning players will always be controlling a character within microgames this time around.

Many of the games in the WarioWare franchise have been organised around a singular gimmick, with varying degrees of success. Here’s how critics are finding the platforming-focused Switch game.

“The twist in Get It Together is that all of the microgames involve some degree of character platforming. While previous WarioWare games might have simply had you press the A button at the right moment to manipulate an on-screen device, in Get It Together you’ll always be controlling a character.” Steve Watts wrote in GameSpot’s WarioWare: Get It Together! review . “Characters include Wario, complete with his Wario Land-style shoulder slam, along with all of the WarioWare-specific characters who have been introduced throughout the series’ history. As a story device, they’ve all been sucked into their own video game which is being plagued by bugs.”

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Author: Hayley Williams