In Sifu, Death And Aging Are Steps Toward Ultimate Kung Fu Mastery

With martial arts brawler Sifu, developer Sloclap is hoping to capture the meaning of kung fu, creating an experience of learning and mastery through practice. According to Sloclap co-founder and CEO Pierre Tarno, that means you should expect to die a lot as you brawl your way through the game. But as you do, you’ll become older, wiser, and stronger–both as a player and as a character.

Sloclap recently gave GameSpot a hands-off look at the three of Sifu’s five different levels, providing a more complete understanding of what your quest for revenge will actually play like. It’s a game that focuses heavily on executing combos, parrying incoming attacks, reading your opponent, and improvising to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed–and each death is a learning experience that makes you stronger next time.

You play a kung fu student whose family is murdered and you set out on a one-day quest for revenge against the five kung fu fighters responsible. To get to them, you have to fight through five different levels filled with each boss’s fighters.

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Author: Phil Hornshaw