Valorant Update 3.05 Is Live, Patch Notes Detail Raze Nerf, New Fracture Map

Valorant 3.05 Update is now live, nerfing Raze, adding bonus battle pass XP, and adding the new map Fracture in its own playlist. Detailed on Valorant’s website, the new patch also brings consistency to ability damage across all Agents.

The update makes changes to three Agents: Brimstone, Sova, and Breach, so that damaging abilities interact with physical objects consistently across the game. This makes it so players don’t have to know how each damaging ability interacts with other Agents’ abilities. For example, Brimstone’s Orbital Strike now deals damage to Killjoy Nanoswarm, Cypher Trapwire, and more.

Killjoy receives a slight balancing change, with the bullet tagging from her turret now slowing 29.5% instead of the previous 72.5%. Raze’s Boom Bot now deals reduced damage but can be used more frequently. The max damage has been dropped from 125 to 80 and the minimum damage dropped from 50 to 30, but the cost has been reduced from 400 to 300.

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Author: James Carr