Destiny 2’s Witch Queen Expansion Will Have “The Definitive Destiny Campaign”

Over the past seven years, Destiny has seen a fairly vast evolution, with its shooter gameplay encompassing a whole host of different experiences. But that has led to a lot of disparity. There are the complex, iconic, endlessly replayable endgame raids on one end of the spectrum, and the simpler, more by-the-numbers one-off campaign missions at the other. Across its lifetime, Destiny 2 has evolved to offer more and more missions and activities that bring those two experiences closer together, and with the upcoming major expansion, The Witch Queen, Bungie is looking to make more of the Destiny 2 experience feel like it is definitively, quintessentially “Destiny.”

That’s according to Joe Blackburn, who formerly worked as Destiny 2’s raid design lead and recently stepped into the role of game director. For Blackburn and the rest of Bungie, a major goal going into Destiny 2’s next year of content is finding more ways to blur the line that separates the game’s toughest, most intricate content, from the more casual, more approachable baseline campaign missions–to make more of the game feel like the sort of thing you can only find in Destiny 2.

“There’s a suite of content that we feel like is definitively Destiny,” Blackburn said in an interview with GameSpot. “There’s stuff like Presage, there’s stuff like dungeons and raids up there. All of that stuff feels like stuff that you could only find in Destiny. And every time we do something, there are articles written about it, and people say, ‘You gotta complete this game. Look how cool this thing is.’ And then you get into Destiny, and you’re like, ‘Where’s the stuff that I saw people playing on Twitch? Where’s this?’ And instead you’re playing a much more linear sort of classic shooter-style campaign.

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Author: Phil Hornshaw