AtGames Legends Ultimate Racer Will Add Some Turbo To Your Game Room

Following its Legends Ultimate and Legends Pinball machines, AtGames will be getting behind the wheel for the AtGames Legends Ultimate Racer cabinet. The machine will be, like its predecessors, an online-enabled device that includes both pre-installed games as well as support for additional games via a connected PC, meaning you can finally get a Forza cabinet right in your home.

Currently in the prototype phase–an early build is based on an AliExpress machine but this is not the final design–the AtGames Legends Ultimate Racer cabinet features a 32-inch display, optional haptic feedback, stereo sound with support for optional 5.2 surround sound, and an adjustable seat with color-changing LEDs. You can see a short teaser in this video from the Super Game Room Dudes show.

It will come with racing games installed when you purchase, though the list isn’t public yet, and several PC games will be supported if you connect your rig to the Legends Ultimate Racer. These include but are not limited to:

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Author: Gabe Gurwin