The Matrix Resurrections Interactive Website Launched, Trailer Coming Thursday

Do you take the red pill or the blue pill? No, we’re not talking about replying to that person on Twitter that calls everyone “sheeple.” We’re talking about the upcoming movie The Matrix Resurrections. A new website has launched,, which will allow visitors to go on a journey to celebrate the new film.

Upon entering the site, you have a choice: do you take the red or blue pill? From there, depending on your choice and the time of day, you’ll get one of over 180,000 unique teaser videos. Every video features footage from the new movie and narration from the cast.

Can you find all 180k videos? Please don’t try that. It seems like way too much work. Additionally, the first trailer for the film will be released on Thursday. While you wait, just keep using the new Matrix site to see new footage.

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Author: Mat Elfring