Call Of Duty: Vanguard Has Rainbow Six-Style Destruction

Call of Duty: Vanguard introduces what Sledgehammer Games is calling “tactical destruction” to the multiplayer mix, and like its name suggests, this will allow players to destroy certain parts of the map. This has been a mainstay in EA’s Battlefield series for years.

In Vanguard, destructible environments span all 20 maps. With walls, doors, and other objects capable of being destroyed, the way a map looks–and plays–at the start of a match could very well change by the end. “The state that the map starts at is going to look different than the state that it ends at,” Sledgehammer said in the video.

Destructible environments will also seemingly add a new layer of strategy to Call of Duty’s formula, especially in the Domination and Hardpoint modes. Players can no longer reliably hide behind objects. Additionally, Vanguard’s new caliber system–which allows players to make weapons more weapon–will impact how quickly and efficiently cover is destroyed.

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Author: Eddie Makuch