Psychonauts 2 Strike City Collectibles Guide

A big part of the story of Psychonauts 2 has you working to repair the shattered mind of famed Psychonaut agent Ford Cruller, which takes you into three distinct versions of his psyche. When you finally make your way into the Astral Lanes bowling alley, after completing Compton’s Cookoff, you can jump into Cruller’s mind to experience a bowling-themed apocalypse scenario: Strike City.

Here’s how to find everything hidden in Strike City. Stay tuned for more Psychonauts 2 coverage and guides, including our rundown of all the collectibles in Loboto’s Labyrinth, Hollis’s Classroom, and Hollis’ Hot Streak, and Ford’s Follicles. And don’t forget to check out our Psychonauts 2 review.

Strike City Collectibles

  • Nuggets of Wisdom:1
  • Memory Vaults: 1
  • Emotional Baggage: Duffle Bag, Suit Case
  • Half-A-Minds: 1
  • Figments: 52

The gimmick of Strike City is that you’ll have to roll on top of a bowling ball whenever you need to use a path that looks like a bowling lane–you’re not allowed to walk on the lanes, after all. That said, you’ll want to hop off the ball at several intervals in order to run down collectibles. They tend to be off to the side in Strike City, hidden in the architecture in places you don’t necessarily need to go.

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Author: Phil Hornshaw