Naked And Afraid Of Love EP On How Contestants Avoided Being Stinky On This Nude Dating Show

The hit reality series, Naked and Afraid, is getting its own spinoff. Coming to Discovery+ on August 22 is Naked and Afraid of Love. The spinoff features people in the buff surviving in the wilderness, but for the new series, they’ll also be wooing each other. That might lead many to wonder, how exactly do you survive in the wilderness while also not smelling awful during a date?

During the presentation for Naked and Afraid of Love at the TCA summer press tour, the show’s executive producer Jay Bienstock explained how these contestants stay as least stinky as possible. “If somebody is undesirable to somebody else, it doesn’t really lend itself to love right,” explained Bienstock. “They got to clean off in the water because the water was there, and they would actually be able to just sort of rinse their mouths out real fast [for] bad breath and whatnot, but other than that, it wasn’t much more than that. In terms of the show, they didn’t get to cut their hair or anything like that. It was real basic stuff in terms of their breath, and they can wash up in the water.”

The usage of soap was not mentioned, so there’s a chance that baking under a hot sun could lead to some smelliness. And while this new series is a dating show, it’s still Naked and Afraid. “This is not a vacation,” explained contestant Britt Whitmire. “I can assure you that we are living off of the land. We’re sleeping in shelters on bamboo. It’s scary. We have encounters with wildlife that you guys will see if you tune in. There were real risks out there, and there were some injuries that occurred.”

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Author: Mat Elfring