Facebook can project your eyes onto a VR headset, and it’s exactly as uncanny as it sounds

Facebook’s prototype for “reverse passthrough VR,” a system for creating the illusion of eye contact while wearing a VR headset.
Facebook Reality Labs

Facebook Reality Labs wants to help people see your eyes while you’re in virtual reality — even if the results sit somewhere between mildly unsettling and nightmarish. Earlier this week, FRL released a paper on “reverse passthrough VR,” a recipe for making VR headsets less physically isolating. Researchers devised a method for translating your face onto the front of a headset, although they emphasize it’s still firmly experimental.

“Passthrough VR” refers to a feature that displays a live video feed from a headset’s cameras, letting users see the real world while they’re still wearing the device. Facebook’s Oculus Quest platform, for instance, shows users a passthrough feed when they step outside their VR space’s boundaries. It’s useful…

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Author: Adi Robertson