Guild Wars 2 Brings Back Fan-Favorite Twisted Marionette Boss Battle, Seven Years Later

The MMO Guild Wars 2 is bringing back one of the game’s earliest and most beloved world bosses who hasn’t been seen since 2014. The Twisted Marionette world boss from the game’s Living World Season 1 is returning to the game after we last saw them all the way back in 2014.

The Twisted Marionette comes back to Guild Wars 2 after a seven-year break as part of the game’s July 13 update. This update also adds the Legendary Armory, which is a new place where players can store their Legendary gear.

The Twisted Marionette battle won’t be exactly as you may remember it from 2014. Developer ArenaNet says it has “some adjustments to bring it up to modern Guild Wars 2 design standards.” Additionally, the encounter now rewards players with achievements.

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Author: Eddie Makuch