Bungie Gifts Players The Spicy Ramen Emblem To Celebrate Bungie Day

July 7 is the annual Bungie Day, a holiday created by fans and adopted by Bungie as a day to celebrate the community. It’s also Bungie’s 30th birthday this year, and Destiny players can get the free Spicy Ramen emblem, an homage to Cayde-6’s ramen coupon, when they sign into their Bungie account and redeem the code: YRC-C3D-YNC.

Although a free emblem for all players, it ran into a bit of controversy last month after it was leaked. Bungie warned fans about purchasing the emblem because it would soon be a gift to the community.

If you’re looking to get more emblems, you can acquire them by donating to the Bungie Foundation’s Giving Campaign from July 7 through July 20. Donating $10 gets you last year’s The Bungie Foundation emblem, and $25 or above gives the Circadian Guard emblem. Large donations reward other items such as the Exotic Buoyant Shell Ghost shell for $50 and the Exotic Tiny Tank emote for $75.

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Author: Saniya Ahmed