Become An Ethical Hacker With This Training Course Bundle

As computers play an ever more important role in our lives, so too does the knowledge of how they work. Interestingly enough, though nearly all facets of everyday life rely on computers, most people are oblivious to how they function. Enter the computer guru–the one who knows all the dark secrets of how to operate and work around computers, including hacking.

Hacking is generally viewed as the exploitation of weaknesses in computer systems to compromise data, usually for some nefarious gain. However, the knowledge of how to identify and manipulate these weaknesses to bolster security and better use computer systems is another form of hacking, ethical hacking. And right now, you can learn everything you need to know about the world of ethical hacking with the 2021 Premium Ethical Hacking Certification Bundle , currently available for only $60. The combined value of all the courses in this bundle is $1,600 (that’s a savings of 96%).

This course bundle includes eight courses totaling 417 lessons across more than 50 hours of instruction. Users get lifetime access to each one, allowing them to learn the secrets of ethical hacking at their own pace. Students will learn the basics of key ethical hacking concepts such as server security, WordPress hacking, OWASP ZAP, and much more.

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