Wow, there sure are a lot of sports on during the workday

Day Two: The Championships - Wimbledon 2021
Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Right now, you could wake up and turn on Wimbledon. By the afternoon, there will be EuroCup matches. And then, in the evenings, we’ve had some thrillingly chaotic basketball — both men’s and women’s, plus hockey and baseball. What a time to be alive (and working from home)! Best of all: it’s all streaming, and I think finally, in 2021, we’re in a place where it’s relatively effortless to watch sports without being tethered to the dregs of convoluted cable packages. Is this the golden age of watching sports during the workday?

I mean, I wouldn’t know. Because I, like all staffers at The Verge, am an extremely diligent employee and would never do anything that would distract me throughout the entire workday. Bosses, if you’re reading this,…

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Author: Kevin Nguyen