PUBG’s 12.2 Patch Notes Reveal New Map That Adds Second-Chance System

PUBG’s update 12.2 is finally live on PC test servers, and perhaps most notably, it adds an 8×8 map called Taego with a brand-new second-chance system. For players of Call of Duty: Warzone, it might be immediately familiar: It’s pretty clearly taking a page from Warzone’s Gulag, while adding some additional complexities.

Called Comeback BR, PUBG‘s implementation is actually more like a compact Battle Royale mode inside the main round, rather than a 1v1 showdown like Warzone’s Gulag. If you go down before the first Blue Zone, you get transported to the Comeback Arena where you basically just have to stay alive for a certain amount of time. If you succeed, you’ll get a chance to return to the match in its third phase with all of your gear.

Comeback BR is currently exclusive to the Taego map, as is another helpful feature to give yourself another chance: Self AED, which is a world-loot item that lets you self-revive. Finally, the map also includes birds that react to players’ movement and gunfire, which can conceivably alert players to an enemy’s presence.

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Author: Alex Newhouse