Dark Souls Fan Sequel Nightfall Gets A Release Date And Trailer

Dark Souls: Nightfall, the upcoming ambitious mega-mod authored by a group of Souls modding luminaries, will release December 21. Described as a fan-made sequel to the original game, Dark Souls: Nightfall will be a mod for Dark Souls 1 that will feature a new world map and an entirely new story.

That group of modders includes Meowmaritus, who authored several Souls combat mods, and Grimrukh, the mind behind the popular Daughters of Ash mod. In the teaser trailer announcing the release date, we can see several big changes, including a large hole in what appears to be outside of the Northern Undead Asylum, as well as a massive cathedral in what looks like a changed Ash Lake.

Thanks to previous footage released by the modders, we know that that large hole leads to the Kiln of the First Flame, the final location in the original Dark Souls. According to pre-release materials, Nightfall will follow the alternate ending of the original Dark Souls, where the player character decides not to link the flame, thus leading into the age of dark. This is supposedly the age of man, but we’ll see how that plays out in Nightfall.

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Author: Steven T. Wright