Halo Infinite’s Holiday Release Window Narrowed Down To Just A Few Weeks, Phil Spencer Says

Microsoft and Xbox boss Phil Spencer are confident that Halo Infinite will be launching Holiday 2021 and that the release window is down to “a few weeks.” Shared on ResetEra, In the latest episode of Dropped Frames, Spencer confirmed that both 343 Industries and Microsoft are confident about Halo infinite releasing Holiday 2021 like they previously announced.

Spencer went on to say that he is confident that the release window will be hit and that they know the three-to-four-week period when the game will release, they just need to look at when some “other game timing” is going to happen. He said they are looking to provide more clarity as to when Halo Infinite will launch during the summer. Spencer says instead of committing to a date and having to move it by a week later, they are willing to just wait until they know for sure.

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Author: James Carr