Loki Episode 2: The MCU Show Has Revealed Its Villain

Loki, the latest MCU TV show streaming on Disney+, has finally arrived, and brought with it no shortage of time traveling weirdness. The show brings Tom Hiddleston back to the MCU alongside newcomers like Owen Wilson and Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

The premise is pretty odd, but on par with Marvel’s trickster god: Loki, after escaping his pre-determined timeline with the Tesseract back in Endgame, has been recruited by an extradimensional bureaucracy known as the TVA, or Time Variance Authority. The TVA’s job is to maintain the timeline based on the whims of the mysterious and secretive Time-Keepers. One TVA agent, Mobius (Wilson), decides that rather than punish Loki with removal from the timeline altogether, he wants to team up and use Loki’s expertise to help track down a criminal who is hopping through time and besting the TVA at every turn.

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Author: Mason Downey