Escape From Tarkov Developer Teases New Factory Expansion Boss

An expansion for Escape From Tarkov‘s Factory map is on the way, with the latest update from developer Battlestate Games showing the area’s new hammer-wielding Scav Boss. As one of the game’s oldest and smallest maps, the Factory is overdue for a rework, though the studio still hasn’t announced a date for its release.

A short YouTube video posted by Battlestate Games shows an update on the map rework, with a panning shot of the new factory, as well as a sneak peek at the boss and his massive sledgehammer. The video seems to confirm rumors that the map would be getting a new melee-focused Scav Boss.

In a recent interview quoted by Tarkov Reporter, Battlestate COO Nikita Buyanov said that the expansion has already been finished and playtested, with the team in the process of polishing the content now. He expects the expansion to release in the upcoming patch 12.11, which is due to release sometime this month, but still doesn’t have a specific release date.

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Author: Hayley Williams