Blooming Business: Casino Uses Cute Animals To Dissect Casinos’ Predatory Nature

Blooming Business: Casino is an upcoming tycoon game where you put together your own casino that will be attended by an assortment of anthropomorphic animals. During a hands-off demo preview and follow-up Q&A, creative director Paul Blachère detailed how Blooming Business: Casino tells stories through its emergent narrative.

“We’ve seen more and more, in the strategy market notably, a really emergent narrative,” Blachère said. “We think this emergent narrative can really benefit from the tycoon form simply because if you look at the games that support this kind of fun, they are usually about domination and they’re usually about strategy and violence–that’s something that we think not everyone is necessarily trying to find in the stories they want to experience.”

Blooming Business: Casino isn’t built to defeat the player, according to Blachère. “Players can enjoy things at their own pace and they are safe–we’re not going to destroy anything and they’re not going to lose everything,” he said.

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Author: Jordan Ramée