Borderlands Movie Is Nearly Done Filming, But Post-Production Will Take Time

Principal photography on the Borderlands movie is nearly wrapped up, according to Gearbox president Randy Pitchford, but that doesn’t mean you should expect the movie to release in theaters anytime soon. Pitchford said the post-production work on the Borderlands movie will be “substantial.”

“Home stretch on principal photography for the Borderlands movie. We shot so much amazing, incredible, authentic and entertaining film that is sure to come together in post production to become an awesome picture,” he said. “Post production is going to be substantial, so thanks for patience!”

Presumably, Pitchford is referring to some of the visual effects shots that are going to be in the Borderlands film. One of the big unknowns about the Borderlands movie is what it will actually look like. After all, the games are known for their cel-shaded nature, but whether or not this will be replicated in the film remains to be seen.

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Author: Eddie Makuch