Indiana Jones 4K UHD Collection Contains Handy Map To Follow Indy’s Adventures

All of the Indiana Jones movies have finally arrived on 4K UHD. Packaged together as a collection, the recently released Indiana Jones 4-Movie Collection contains a map featuring behind the scenes photos and points of interest where Indy traveled during his adventures.

One of the many iconic things from the Indiana Jones franchise are the transitional scenes where the protagonist is traveling to a new location. The films showed a plane flying over a map as Indy and company reached the next destination. This is showcased on the map contained in the collection, which separates Indy’s travels by movie and gives fans a timeline of when the movies took place. Check it out for yourself below.

From the Indiana Jones 4-Movie Collection
From the Indiana Jones 4-Movie Collection

The flip side of this map are the four posters from the Indiana Jones movies, which were drawn by legendary artist Drew Struzan. He’s the artist behind the iconic posters for Back to the Future, Bladerunner, Big Trouble in Little China, and many others.

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Author: Mat Elfring