Keep Your PS5 Controllers Charged And Console Cool With This 2-In-One Charging Dock

The invention of the wireless controller changed gaming instantly. As soon as the battery pack was introduced to the backs of our controllers, traditional wired controllers ceased to be seen in anyone’s gaming den. Wireless controllers allow for so much more flexibility and convenience when gaming. However, every gamer knows the frustration of having your controllers die. When our battery packs die, we either have to charge them from the console, going back to the days of wired controllers, or we have to search the house for another controller that’s hopefully charged. Thankfully, those days can now be over.

This PS5 charging dock will help ensure that you never have to worry about your controllers running out of battery mid-game again. The sleekly designed accessory stores your PS5 and controllers in one package while keeping your controllers’ batteries topped up for the next time you’ll use them. Best of all, this charging dock is currently available for only $41, on sale from $89 (that’s a savings of 54%).

The PS5 charging dock is an incredibly elegant solution to the dead controller problem. And not only does it keep your controllers stored and charged; it also doubles as a cooling dock for your console. Two powerful cooling fans keep your PlayStation 5 system from overheating through even the most intense gaming sessions.

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