Hackers Obtain 700GB Of EA’s Data And Source Code Using Stolen Cookies – Report

Publisher EA has been breached by a crew of hackers who stole 780GB of game data, according to a Motherboard report. The stolen data reportedly includes FIFA 21 source code and tools from the Frostbite engine, although EA says no player data was taken. A subsequent report states the hackers used company credentials purchased online to trick IT support members into thinking they were employees.

According to the initial report, the hackers have access to not just FIFA 21‘s source code but also the code for its matchmaking servers. And in addition to Frostbite engine tools, the hackers claim to have stolen proprietary EA frameworks and software development kits that streamline game making.

A source with access to the forums where the hackers posted the stolen data showed Motherboard screenshots of messages written by the culprits, with one that read you have “full capability of exploiting on all EA services” once inside EA’s corporate networks.

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Author: jeremy winslow