Netflix’s Masters Of The Universe Revelation Gets Glorious Nostalgic First Trailer

The first trailer for Masters of the Universe: Revelation has been released. The Netflix series is the latest addition of the classic ’80s toy and cartoon franchise, and it hits the streaming service on July 23.

The trailer is essentially a montage of spectacular action from the series. Anyone who grew up watching the original show will feel immediate nostalgia for the new version–while the animation is a lot slicker, it still looks exactly like a He-Man cartoon. All the familiar characters–from He-Man, Teela, and Orko to Skeletor and Evil-Lyn–are in there, as is He-Man’s famous catchphrase–“I have the power!” Check the trailer out below:

The showrunner on Masters of the Universe: Revelation is Kevin Smith, and the cast includes Mark Hamill as Skeletor, Lena Headey as Evil-Lyn, Chris Wood as He-Man, Sarah Michelle Gellar as Teela, Liam Cunningham as Man-At-Arms, and Stephen Root as Cringer. The first five episodes will be released on July 23, with more to follow later in the year.

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Author: Dan Auty