How Long To Beat Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade’s Intermission?

Final Fantasy VII Remake finally has its PlayStation 5 upgrade with Intergrade, and along with the graphical boost and new photo mode, it also packs a new episode in the game’s story. Centering on Yuffie Kisaragi, a Final Fantasy VII character who hadn’t yet appeared in the Remake, the new Intermission episode fills in some gaps in the middle of Remake’s story, while showing what other members of the FF7 team were up to during the game.

The Intergrade addition spans two new chapters and includes its own new Trophies and some side content. But how long is it to finish? If you’re expecting a substantial addition, you might be disappointed–we managed to knock out Yuffie’s episode in a little over six hours, which included doing most of the side content the DLC has to offer. If you’re sticking to the critical path, you can probably expect to finish it in about five hours; maybe a little more or less, depending on your proficiency with Yuffie’s unique brand of combat.

For players who want to finish everything the DLC has to offer, though, you can probably squeeze quite a bit more time out of the DLC. In addition to the main story across the two chapters, you’ll also find several minigame-type experiences that will challenge your combat prowess and tactical skills. Those include a new version of Whack-A-Box, the box-smashing minigame in Remake, and a new virtual reality battle from Chadley, the kid in the Sector 7 Slums who trades summon materia for successful battles against the summoned creatures. You’ll also be able to fight new battles in the Combat Simulator found in Shinra Tower, if you’re looking for more challenges.

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Author: Phil Hornshaw